Our commitment

Carolina Cenerini has worked for the United Nations for over 13 years on gender equality related issues in Africa and Latin America.

Over these years, she met many women who produced handicrafts representing culture and values.
Her desire was to support them and collect those objects they created with love and dedication.
These objects were testimony of another world that existed in parallel to ‘ours’ only further South.
After living in different countries, she settled in Panama where she created DESDE EL SUR CON AMOR project. She continues to travel to Mexico, Peru and Colombia where she collaborates with talented artisans creating unique pieces steeped in history, traditions and culture.

“Life has taken me many times towards the South. Towards the South I have felt my heart beating faster”


DESDE EL SUR CON AMOR proposes handmade products and ensures transparency behind the supply chain of the materials used, in addition each person who is involved in the elaboration of these is treated with absolute respect.

DESDE EL SUR CON AMOR not only promotes handicrafts, but also the culture and traditions of those who made them, as well as their dreams and aspirations.

Through the initiative DESDE EL SUR CON AMOR we interact directly with those who create the product, generating sources of ethical and sustainable work so that ancestral traditions do not die. The artisans involved in our network and their families are directly bringing benefits from this collaboration.


DESDE EL SUR CON AMOR promotes leadership and mentoring initiatives for professional artisan women, and ensures a gender balance at the higher levels of leadership in the creative sector. We support international, national and local awareness campaigns that address gender stereotypes and discrimination in all aspects of cultural and social life.


We are committed to using recycled material for our packaging. Our labels are made with sheets of recycled paper and natural fiber (for example banana fiber or coffee) created by artisans of community project ‘Hojas de Darién’ in Jaqué, Darién, Panama.

Natural fiber sheets creation process. ‘Hojas de Darién community project’

Photo courtesy of: ‘Hojas de Darién Community Project’


We are committed to always looking for new dynamics to reduce the environmental impact of our production.
We use plant fibers (cotton, palm trees) from organic production, which avoids the use of toxic substances, to produce unique quality pieces.