Our history

Craftsmanship is the cultural legacy of our ancestors

DESDE EL SUR CON AMOR born from the idea of ​​establishing a connection with the global South of the world, in particular Latin America, through the skill of artisan women who create unique objects with their hands, imprinting them with symbolic and historical values ​​of the local culture. Handicrafts move and tell community traditions and heritage.

One of the main problems of craftmanship is competition with low-cost industrial products with a similar appearance with lower price and quality. Another challenge is products distribution, since it is a characteristic of craftsmanship, which is carried out in individual little workshops or by a few people with little capacity to reach global market.


The spirit of this project is to preserve and support the sustainable development of traditions and artisan work in the most remote areas of Latin America.

DESDE EL SUR CON AMOR promotes craftsmanship to understand a continent that brings together many different worlds. A universe that always changes and has to be understood by listening to the stories of the people who live it. In times of black and white visions, sometimes ideological, DESDE EL SUR CON AMOR wants to tell the reality of a fabulous continent so complicated but at the same time charming to explore.